Internet Law: Fall 2011

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:30AM - 10:45AM

Room: 501

Associate Professor Derek Bambauer

Course: IPL-220 (Section D1)

Credits: 3

Office Hours: By appointment

Last updated: 1 December 2011

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Contact Information

Professor Bambauer can be reached by e-mail (derek.bambauer *AT* or by telephone (718.780.0397), or in office 802. The best way to reach me is via e-mail. After school hours or on weekends, you're welcome to call me at home (718.797.4945) - between 10AM and 10PM, please.

The teaching assistants for the course are Claudia Cohen and John Randall. I encourage you to contact Claudia and John with logistical questions or for informal advice about the class.

My assistant is Debbie Richards, who sits on the 8th floor (make a left coming out of the elevator). Her e-mail address is debra.richards *AT*, and her phone number is 718.780.7949.

I blog about Internet law, intellectual property, and other information law at Info/Law, along with Professor Tim Armstrong of the University of Cincinnati and Professor Bill McGeveran of the University of Minnesota.



Your grade for the class will be based upon class participation, posting to the course blog, and the final examination.


Date Due

Value (of Total Grade)

First Blog Post

11:59PM, 30 September 2011


Second Post

11:59PM, 28 October 2011


First Blog Comment

11:59PM, 14 October 2011


Second Blog Comment

11:59PM, 18 November 2011


Readings in "Code 2.0" are denominated as "L [start page] - [finish page]"; readings in "Who Controls the Internet?" are denominated "G/W [start page] - [finish page]".

25 August: Introduction

30 August: A Brief History of Internet Law

1 September: Routing Bits and the Network Neutrality Fight

6 September: TCP/IP, Free Speech, and More Network Neutrality

8 & 15 September: Domain Name System, Applications, and Cybersquatting

8 September: Part I - DNS and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process

13 September: Internet Privacy (guest lecturer: Chris Soghoian)

Internet researcher Chris Soghoian is an expert on cybersecurity and privacy issues. For more information, see:

Please read the following to prepare for Chris's talk:

15 September: Part II - ACPA

20 September: Who Runs This Stuff?

22 September: How Can One Regulate the Internet?

27 September & 4 October: The Challenges of Jurisdiction

27 September: U.S. Issues

Reminder: First Blog Post Due 30 September

4 October: International Issues

The Naughty Bits: Regulating Unwanted Content

6 October: Porn

11 October: Spam

13, 18, 20 & 25 October: IP infringement

27 October: Tort / Defamation / CDA 230, Part I

Reminder: Second Blog Post Due 28 October

1 November: Tort / Defamation / CDA 230, Part II

3 & 8 November: Computer Security and Hacking

3 November: Hacking / Cybercrime

8 November: Security and Digital Locks

Regulatory Targets and Methods

10 & 15 November: Filtering

10 November: Introduction

15 November: The Coming Wave - Filtering in America

The Next Wave

17 November: Cyberwar

Reminder: Second Blog Comment Due 18 November

22 November: User-Generated Content

1 December: Social Networking

2 December: Search Engines

6 December: Course Review / Exam Discussion / Q&A